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Treatment Resistant Depressive, Mood and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Who We Are

Billings Advanced Psychiatry is an advanced depression and bipolar disorders treatment center where people who are not responsive to traditional psychiatric medications, ECT or TMS could receive help with cutting-edge interventional psychiatric treatments.

What is Ketamine

Ketamine improves neuroplasticity of the brain, increases resilience to stress, improves cognitive functioning (memory, concentration) and decreases suicidal ideations in unipolar and bipolar depression.

About Dr. Yakov, MD, Ph.D.

Svetlana Yakov, MD, Ph.D. psychiatrist, specializes in the management of advanced depression and bipolar disorders complicated by chronic suicidality that is not responsive to traditional antidepressant medications and ECT.

 Dr. Yakov, a board-certified psychiatrist, has a holistic approach to patients whose underlying metabolic, nutritional, endocrine, neurological, and post-surgical problems contribute to poor response to regular antidepressants and mood stabilizers medications. 

 She also provides personalized psychopharmacological therapy based on genotype testing.

Psychiatrist, Dr. Sveltana Yakov, is motivated to help Montanans with the management of treatment-resistant depression, bipolar, and PTSD complicated by suicidality. Her goal is to implement evidence-based- practices in our state to save many people’s lives in Montana state.